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Saksfjed Containment

Saksfjed Containment is created after the big storm surge in 1872, which put half of the southern part of Lolland under water. This became the launch of the building of a 60 km long dike and comprehensive draining project.
The 5 km long Hyllekrog isthmus invites you for some great walks through sand banks and along the beach out to the old light tower. In the shallow waters between the isthmus and the mainland, are very often vast amounts of staging ducks and waders. Most notable are the many mute swans that lay in the water all year.

In the late summer, thousands of swans are enjoying the peace and silence of the area, in the weeks where they lose their flight feathers, and therefore can’t fly. This makes the area north of Hyllekrog very important for the swans. The area is also well known for its amazing autumn migration for all sort of birds, such as pigeons, passerines and raptors (even though most birds migrate to the nearby dune “Store Brunddrag”).

On a clear day in the beginning of august, several hundreds of honey buzzards can be seen migrating over the Baltic sea and a little later during the year, sparrowhawks, buzzards, harriers, hobbys and many others will follow. If you are really lucky, it is possible to get a glimpse of the many passerines and pigeons that settle down for the night in the woods, during the afternoons north of the old pumping station “Billitse Mølle”. Also it is worth keeping an eye out for the raptors that have stayed the night in the fields.


Visitor facilities: Tables, benches, birdwatching tower and information boards are to be found in the area.
Getting there: Drive left out of the gates of Lungholm Castle, followed by are turn right towards Bjærnæs village and on to the parking lot at “Store Brunddrag”.
Best season to visit: late summer and autumn. At the Hyllekrog isthmus access is prohibited in the birds breeding season from 1/3 to 15/7.

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The Sugar Beet trail at Lungholm estate

Lungholm Estate invites you to experience a part of the beautiful landscape of southern Lolland.
The tour offers elements that tell the story of the cultivation of sugar beet, and can be enjoyed by foot or by bike. The highlight of the tour is the Sugar Beet trail, laid upon the old sugar beet railway on the lands of Lungholm leading to the old sugar factory in Holeby.

See the tour description here where trail leaflet can also be downloaded

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