Preferred Suppliers

On this page you can get an overview of all our preferred suppliers, which can be hired to make your stay at Lungholm Castle unforgettable. They have experience with the Castle and are in line with the high standards and exclusive taste of our guests.

To make the things as easy for our guests and to avoid misunderstandings we ask you to make direct contact with our preferred suppliers below.


Rental of tents and the like :

Hotels and overnight accomodation

  • Hotel Søpark – Maribo (ca. 12 km)
  • Esbens Hotel – Maribo (ca. 12 km)
  • Bandholm Hotel – Bandholm (ca. 22 km)

Floral decorator:

Sound and light:



Specific for party and weddings:

Photo: René Benkjer – www.renebenkjer.comTlf. +45 50504377
Hairdresser and makeup: Klippestudiet, Rødby –