Agriculture & forestry

Belonging to Lungholm Estate is a total of 1,457 hectares of land, consisting of farmland and forestry together with some grasslands with cattle, parks, etc.

The following describes the agriculture and forestry.


Lungholm castle has about 1100 hectares agricultural land, of which about 965 hectares has been leased out since 2012.

212 hectares are cultivated on Højbygaard, 291 hectares on Lungholm and 463 hectares in drained lands of “Lungholm Inddæmning”.
The farming is modern and constantly searching for ways to improve effectivity, so that the land can be cultivated as rationally as possible.
Of the crops that are grown on Lungholm Estate can be mentioned: wheat, barley, rye, sugar beets, rape seed, grass seed, etc.

In addition to the farmed land, the estate has some grass areas, that make out a total of 130 hectares which are either grazed by cattle or mowed.


The forests at Lungholm Castle forms about 230 hectares. “Byhaveskoven” on Højbygaard comprices about 30 hectares, the forests around Lungholm approx.. 70 hectares and the forests in “Lungholm Inddæmning” about 130 ha.

The forests consists mainly of relatively young deciduous forest with very old trees in between and among others a grouping of old oaks in Lungholm Park. In the forests of Lungholm Inddæmning most of the forest is rather thin and slow growing, due to the very light soil. A large part of this forest, consists of alder, poppel, spruce etc..

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